Stylish And Elegant

In times gone by, people looked to the west for watches and particularly Swiss watches.  They not only represented beauty, but also class and elegance and became a matter of prestige to own one.  Due to an increase in international travel by Indians, watch wearers were exposed to the best watch options in the world.

We offer our customers the same kind of elegance and quality, that is associated with international watch brands, without travelling the world to own a piece.  Our company is recognized as one of the best in the watch industry and is a leading watch manufacturer in India.

Our watches are not only cost-effective, but have also are a style statement in the market.  There are lots of watch manufacturers in India, but we stand out from the competition by not only producing more than 3 million watches per year, but also for our customized solutions which represent a work of art, engineering and top-class workmanship.

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