Finest Handcrafted

Sona’s full grain leather watch straps offer antique-looking or vintage style leather watch straps which are available in various designs and styles.

The appearance of a worn-out and used look will increase over time, but that is the way it is designed.

We are   among the top few full grain leather strap manufacturers who make these in both modern cut edge and traditional remborded styles.  Our range of vintage style leather watch straps are finely handcrafted and are amongst the best that the industry has to offer.  

These vintage straps are a unique combination of history, culture, fashion and sustainability and will suit a wide variety of watches. They also make for a special and a memorable gifting option.  Offering customized solutions, we create a vision of beauty with various colours to match different dials. This produces a fantastic range of options for discernible watch wearers.

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