Sona supplies leather, steel and ion plated watch bands to leading watchmaking companies across the globe. At Sona, our watch straps are a testimony of art and workmanship and hence we are a brand being coveted by leading watch manufacturers around the globe. Sona produces 6 Million leather straps, 4 Million steel straps and 2 Million ion plated straps annually. Sona is one of the leading manufacturers of iconic watch accessories which comprise of the following categories:


Sona is one of the leading leather strap manufacturers in India and HKG. Using a variety of leathers, we manufacture innumerable permutations of leather bands in remborded and cut edge constructions. Liners come in direct contact with the skin and hence utmost care is taken in their selection to ensure maximum comfort. Construction defines the shape of the band. We have numerous constructions in  a range of sizes to give more than 1000 types of band shapes. In addition, we can customize the construction for you. We manufacture around 6 million leather straps annually. 


We are India’s largest stainless steel watch strap manufacturers and our products reach all corners of the country.  The choices for men and women are enormous. Our range of products cater to different age groups and interests.  There are more than 200 varieties to choose from and it does not stop here. Customized solutions are also offered to make for happy and delighted customers.  If you look for stainless steel watch strap manufacturers, you don’t need to look further than us.


Ion plating means using vacuum to cause deposition and uses Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process.  Ion plating is used to make jewellery and watches. A common example of ion plating is the black coating that is found on Seiko Watches.

There are different kinds of ion plated watch straps.  We offer customized solutions and options such as Gold Plated, Rose Gold, Black and Gun Metal material and combinations of these in two toned colours. We have India’s largest ion plating unit specialized for watch components.  Our IPB (Black) and IPG (Gold) expertise help us enhance our ion plated straps, offering our customers some of the highest quality products in the business.  We are a top-notch ion plated watch strap manufacturer and the figures speak for themselves. The company produces 5 million ion plated watch straps annually.


In times gone by, people looked to the west for watches and particularly Swiss watches.  They not only represented beauty, but also class and elegance and became a matter of prestige to own one.  Due to an increase in international travel by Indians, watch wearers were exposed to the best watch options in the world.

We offer our customers the same kind of elegance and quality, that is associated with international watch brands, without travelling the world to own a piece.  Our company is recognized as one of the best in the watch industry and is a leading watch manufacturer in India.

Our watches are not only cost-effective, but have also are a style statement in the market.  There are lots of watch manufacturers in India, but we stand out from the competition by not only producing more than 3 million watches per year, but also for our customized solutions which represent a work of art, engineering and top-class workmanship.

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