Leather Quality Test

Flex Test

Strap shall be subjected to 750 strokes with 2.5 kg load. To test the wear and tear.

Loop Strength Test

Should withstand a strength of 5 kg for 5 secs.

Tape Test

An adhesive gum tape is stuck on the strap and pulled off immediately. This is to ensure that the printing on the strap should not come off.

Wet Rub Test

A manual test to assess any color transfer from the leather raw material.

Soft And Hardness Tests

Manual inspection of the incoming leather for softness. Hard leathers are rejected.

Light Fastening (UV) Test

Expose to UV light with a 300W bulb for 48 hrs at 20cms distance. Determination of fastness to daylight of the colored leather.

Bend Test

Should not develop any cracks / wrinkles on the surface when rolled on a rod of dia 10mm.

Certified Test

Only CLRI (Central Leather Research Institute) certified leather used – Skin compatible (No skin irritation)