Mission & Vision


Sona Group’s envisions being a leading contract manufacturer of high quality watches and OEM for leading national and international brands. 


Sona Group firmly believes in being a full service contract watch manufacturer, committed to build strong partnerships with its stakeholders. With a keen focus on quality, it is dedicated to deliver on customer service excellence and employee satisfaction, while obliging to sustainable practices to be recognized as a financial, environmental and socially responsible corporate.

Corporate Values

While Sona Group has created a steady and sustained growth path for itself, the company is extremely determined to preserve its character on such a significant journey.

At Sona Group, we have created a framework of corporate values, which have been anchored in the way the organization functions and delivers across its stakeholders – be it employees, customers and associates. Our core values include:

–       Respect for the individual

–       Service to the customer

–       Operational excellence